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Philippines to host Single and Unattached Single Fin event



Longboard Updates

Single and Unattached Classic Single Fin Contest and Beach Party Set to Kick Off in the Philippines

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 February, 2018 - Urbitztondo Beach, San Juan, Philippines - The competitors have been briefed today at Olas Banditos, the boards were inspected yesterday at Clean Beach, and the opening party is set to kick off at the Ol Pub tonight starting at 8 pm, so now all that remains is for Mother Nature to send down those long glassy peelers to Mona Lisa Point so those 9 foot and over logger boards can slide into the water!

This morning at The Point still had a few waist high waves coming through to keep the surfers busy, but the swell forecast is predicting smaller conditions on the horizon, so contest director and event co-creator Buji Libarnes told the surfers this afternoon that he’ll post up the plan for tomorrow later tonight on the Single and Unattached Facebook page.  Likely it won't be until Saturday until the surfing competition will start.

The current prediction is that for tomorrow there may be minimal swell on offer, but for Saturday and Sunday there will be an increase that will allow for the contest to run and finish.  Luckily at a logging event such as this not much swell is needed, so as long as there are glassy 1-2 foot waves the green light will be switched on and the surfers will be called out into the lineup to have some fun.

At Olas Banditos today, MC Kiddo Cosio welcomed everyone and informed them of the overall agenda, then handed the mic over to Head Judge Mike Oida, who briefed the surfers on the judging criteria and the format of the event and answered questions. 

Buji Libarnes then gave an update on the plans for the surfing part of the event, and then reminded everyone that the purpose of having this event was first and foremost to “Have Fun!”

After the formalities were over, all the competitors lined up to receive their goody bags and then continued to enjoy the food and drinks on offer at La Union’s most famous Mexican eatery.


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