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Surfersvillage Facebook Live talks tech with Maud Le Car

Bryan Dickerson and Maud Le Car during the Surfersvillage Facebook Live event
Bryan Dickerson and Maud Le Car © Surfersvillage



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Live on-air interview provides insight into the fascinating world of The Maud

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 August, 2016 - Surfersvillage took their popular surfboard review format to the beaches of Southwest France with French surfer Maud Le Car.

In the off-the-cuff, unscripted broadcast live from the beach at Anglet Maud pulled out her favourite boards and talked about what designs work best for her surfing, in this case a Lost V2 shortboard, Pocket Rocket and SubDriver. But as often happens on live TV the conversation quickly veered into the world of painting as Maud shared with the audience her love of art.

“Surfing is so physical it’s nice to do something cerebral, like painting,” Maud said during the broadcast. “I really enjoy painting all my boards because it makes them more personal. My mother is a painter, my grandmother is a painter and it’s something we all do in the family.”  

Maud described both the Posca Pen technique and a spray bottle technique to paint surfboards.

For the board test Maud pulled out a new carbon wrap Lost custom and gave it a go in the challenging, windy, bumpy surf. When she returned to shore she grabbed her favourite board, an epoxy glassed PU blank V2 shortboard and got in two quick waves. Viewers were able to see how lively her favourite board went in the dismal conditions.

Once back on shore we learned the importance of getting boards from a shaper who understands the design requirements and needs of women surfers as Biolos shapes boards for Carissa Moore, Tyler Wright, Coco Ho and many more of the world’s best women surfers.

You can watch the entire episode below. Stay tuned to Surfersvillage Facebook for our next LIVE event.

What is Facebook Live? It’s a throwback to the days of live TV before video tape when anything and everything could happen and be broadcast immediately to viewers. The Surfersvillage Facebook Live event will be totally unscripted, totally unexpected and totally live


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